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Local Commitment


We are Sedona's only Tour & Transportation company with all of the following credentials:

  • Owned by a permanent City of Sedona resident

  • Permanent office space inside the city limits

  • Member of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce

  • Contributor to Sedona Trail Keepers Fund

  • Member, Local First Arizona

  • Member, Grand Canyon Conservancy

  • Prior fulltime staff with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce

  • Excellent team members at all levels committed to a great experience for you!


Your time IS valuable. We help you develop your own experience, on your own schedule. How much of the experience do you miss when one of you has to concentrate on driving? How much personal attention do you miss when your driver says “Be back in the van in 45 minutes?" Many of our prior guests have commented that they would never have gotten as much from the tour on their own or with a public group. Just knowing where to park is a big time saver!


Our guides collectively have more than 3,000 hours and 10,000 miles in the Grand Canyon alone. Add an additional 2,000 miles in Sedona, and they are some of the most experienced and best-trained guides in the Northern Arizona area. They have volunteer experience with the US Forest Service, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Search and Rescue, Northern Arizona Audubon Society, Sedona International Film Festival and in many, many other local community activities. They have spoken in front of the Discovery Channel, led groups like Google to the Grand Canyon, and regularly provided personalized experiences in Sedona.


Our first priority for our guests is safety. Our guides stay with you almost every step of the way and know when to back off and let you have your own private time during your adventure. Guests know their own limitations and we respect those. We also provide instruction on how to safely experience each of our tours. 100% of our guests have returned safely.


We provide bottled water, fruit and snacks in a comfortable vehicle chosen to meet the needs of your party, from two guests all the way up to the size of your group. We maintain the intimacy of your group while ensuring your comfort.

Attention to Detail

We work hard to ensure that the trip is managed well. We provide chargers for both iPhones and Androids, items like pillows and afghans, and necessary items should an emergency arise. We review Park and Forest Service bulletins and location weather reports daily, view traffic conditions along the route, and preview available webcams prior to the start of the trip. When necessary, we contact the Navajo Nation for closures prior to the start of any trip.

Respect for the Land

We adhere to “Leave No Trace” principles. “Take Nothing but Pictures, and Leave Nothing but Footprints”. We will always bring back anything we take on our tours and dispose of it properly at home. All of our vehicles are non-smoking.

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