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If this is your first trip to Sedona or you didn't have much time on previous visits, our Scenic Sedona tour is the best way to experience the beauty, the Native American and European histories, the geology, and the story of the Vortexes. Visit the lesser known sights and/or  the Chapel of the Holy Cross in the same tour. Tour all of our National Monuments. Learn where the locals dine. Learn about the best New Age locations. Find your own special place.

Enjoy the tour in the privacy and comfort of a vehicle that you will have as your own during the tour. Let our guides know your interests and we will tailor the experience to exactly what you want and on your time frame. Stay as long as you want for photos at any location. 

Tours can run anywhere from 3 hours up to 8 hours.

For groups of 1-3             $80 per hour
For groups of 4-14           $85 per hour
For groups of 15-28         $170 per hour

Let Zeus M help you make the most of your time during your stay in Sedona!!
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