We are offering kayaking float trips on the Colorado River between the Glen Canyon Dam and Lee's Ferry during this time, coupled with a land visit to Horseshoe Bend. This may be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see Horseshoe Bend from above and float Horseshoe Bend below on the same day!!  (This adventure is not on the Navajo Reservation)

$335 per person - minimum 2 guests

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the Navajo Nation, all tours on the Navajo Reservation are temporarily suspended. The latest information indicates that tours may reopen on July 6, 2020. The Navajo Nation will be meeting again shortly to reassess the situation.


Tour the unique slot canyons of Northern Arizona in this one-day adventure from your resort in Sedona to Page, Arizona. Every tour requires a Navajo permit and guide, and many of these tours are booked out weeks ahead of time. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do these tours on your own without a reservation in hand before you leave Sedona!

Choose Your Adventure
  • Antelope Canyon/Secret Canyon/Horseshoe Bend

  • Upper Antelope Canyon/Horseshoe Bend

  • Lower Antelope Canyon/Horseshoe Bend

  • Secret Canyon/Horseshoe Bend

  • Secret Canyon/Horseshoe Bend/Grand Canyon in the Same Day!!

  • Secret Canyon/Horseshoe Bend with Helicopter Return

  • Float the Colorado River through Horseshoe Bend and Visit it from above in the same day!!

All Tours Include
  • Private pick up from your resort at an appropriate time according to your tour time in Page. 

  • Return at approximately 6pm in the comfort of our vehicle. Leave the driving to us.

  • Travel will be in a vehicle comfortable for your group.

  • Lunch and gratuity for lunch are included at a restaurant of your choosing in Page, Arizona (any alcohol is on your own).

  • History, flora, fauna and geology by an expert, medically-trained guide.

  • Length of time at stops determined by your interests, not those of a group or a large tour company.

  • Bottled water (sparkling water if requested), fruit and snacks available in the vehicle.

  • As time allows, visits to Wahweap Overlook and the Glen Canyon Dam, the 4th tallest dam in the US.

A hike to Horseshoe Bend is included with all Antelope Canyon Adventures, but can be a brutal, approximately 1 ½ mile round trip hike depending on the northern Arizona weather. The Park Service has completed a trail to circumvent the hill the existing trail follows, but the new trail makes the hike flatter, but even longer.

All three canyons offer some of the most unique geology in the world. The following sections go over a few highlights and concerns for each:

Upper Antelope Canyon
  • The site of a single iconic photograph that sold for more than five million dollars.​

  • Many tours originate with companies in the town of Page, but at least one company is closer to the start of the adventure.

  • All tours require a jeep ride to reach the canyon.

  • Many jeeps approach Upper Antelope Canyon from different companies.

  • The tour enters the canyon from one end, progresses to the other end, then returns to the initial entryway.

  • This tour attracts many bus tours and has many people in the canyon at the same time.

  • You have many tours behind you, in front of you, and returning past you.

  • Your Navajo guide does a good job of getting you photo opportunities despite the crowds.

  • Your Navajo guide is an expert at setting up all types of cameras.

  • Occasionally when the tours are sold out, you may find a reservation cancellation at one of the vendors, but you will have to wait in line for the next availability.

  • Do not bring purses, backpacks, or large camera bags.

Lower Antelope Canyon
  • There are two companies that provide tours of Lower Antelope Canyon, Ken’s and Dixie Ellis.

  • You proceed from the backs of their buildings to a set of ladders where you will descend into the Lower Antelope Canyon.

  • All traffic is one direction.

  • In the heat of the summer, each of these companies can experience long delays, occasionally of two hours or more.

  • Your Navajo guide is an expert at setting up all types of cameras.

  • This tour attracts many charter bus tours.

  • This tour is the more physical of the two Antelope Canyon tours.

  • Do not bring purses, backpacks, or large camera bags.

Secret Canyon
  • This is a lesser known, more exclusive canyon near Page with all the beauty and mystique of the Antelope Canyons.

  • Only one jeep with no more than 12 people enter Secret Canyon every hour, so you have Secret Canyon essentially to yourself.

  • You have one guide, the only one you’ll see as you enter the canyon.

  • The company provides you with 10-15 minutes of Navajo history at two authentic Navajo Hogahns they have built on the property.

  • The tour company does not book with bus tour companies.

  • The most intimate way to experience the slot canyons of Northern Arizona.

  • The company has created an app of local history that has been translated into many languages.

Secret Canyon/Horseshoe Bend/Air and Ground Tour

The Ultimate in private touring and the Only tour of its type originating from beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Travel with Zeus M Tours by private vehicle from your resort in Sedona to Secret Canyon, a Private slot canyon similar to Antelope Canyon near Page, AZ.

Learn about the geology, human history, flora, fauna, myths and facts of Northern Arizona and its ever changing landscape as you wind your way north. 

On your arrival in Page you will be taken to lunch at a restaurant of your choice.  After lunch, you will be introduced to your private local guide for an amazing ride to Secret Canyon.  You will have the canyon to explore privately with no more than 15 people for an hour of amazing photos and scenery!

After a stimulating return ride, you will stop to visit two authentic Navajo dwellings (Hogahns) to see how they lived. Your guide will continue the adventure to within 100 yards of the iconic Horseshoe Bend on Navajo land, avoiding the throngs of people laboring as they hike more than a mile to and from Horseshoe Bend.  

After your Slot Canyon/Horseshoe Bend experience, you will be whisked away to the Page Airport. Your private helicopter, operated by Guidance Air, will return you over the geological wonders of Northern Arizona to the Sedona Airport. A personal vehicle will be waiting to return you to your resort.

Antelope Canyon/Grand Canyon in the Same Day

We are the only company in Sedona to offer Antelope Canyon and the Grand Canyon in the same day!!

Call us for discounts available for booking directly with Zeus M or for discounts of groups for four or more!

Base price for all Antelope/Secret Canyon tours to the Page area from Sedona
$250 per person/2 person minimum
  • Add Lower Antelope Canyon* ---- Add $58 per person** or $308 per person

  • Add Upper Antelope Canyon* ---- Add $80 per person** or $330 per person

  • Add Secret Canyon* ---------------- Add $110 per person** or $360 per person

Secret Canyon/Horseshoe Bend/Air and Ground Tour
Price for 2 people $2690 (For a third person, add $375)

*Based on availability.

**Prices do not include appropriate sales taxes.

**All prices are subject to change at any time. Please call to confirm current pricing.

All helicopter tours are subject to cancellation due to weather or other conditions or at the discretion of the helicopter companies. Refunds will be made for the part of any trip canceled by the helicopter companies. Our tour guides have full authority to cancel a trip due to unsafe road conditions. Other weather conditions, such as rain, snow, or cloudy weather, are not sufficient for last minute cancellations. Please see our cancellation policy below.


Cancellation policy:

  • 100% refund if cancellation by our guests occurs more than one week prior to the scheduled departure.

  • 50% within one week and prior to 48 hours of the scheduled departure.

  • 0% within 48 hours of scheduled departure.

  Please call for discounts available for groups of four or more and discounts available by                    booking directly with Zeus M.

Guide gratuity is not included, but customarily 15% - 20% of the value of your tour if you enjoy your day!

For more details call or text (928) 963-0582 or email to

Members: Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Grand Canyon Conservancy,

Local First Arizona, Verde Valley Archaeology Center


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