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If you are a travel agent or group organizer, please allow Zeus M Tours and Transportation help you with the local details so that your guests will experience truly unique memories. Many organizers try to get the feel from a 2-3 day site visit that is a woefully short time to discover everything that Sedona and Northern Arizona have to offer.

Our staff includes more than 30 years of local experience gained from living in Sedona and volunteering at the Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center, past staff at the Chamber Administration office, volunteering with the U. S. Forest Service at their Visitor Center on Trail Patrol, Trail Maintenance and Construction, docent training at the local Native American Heritage Sites, local Search and Rescue, and thousands of hiking miles at Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Escalante National Monument, to name but a few.

We can help you plan the timing of your tours and customize the exact activities your guests would like to enjoy. Upon request, we will provide comprehensive lists on every adventure for which your guests may choose, and let you customize some of the local activities so that different guests within the same group may choose different activities. We have the vehicles to allow your groups to enjoy differing interests.

We have event planners on staff to help you maximize your time, choose from the right restaurants, and know the nuances of the local weather. (We experienced one travel agency who had their group of septuagenarians and octogenarians leave their home port at 3:00am to arrive at Phoenix Sky Harbor at 11:00am in the morning with an itinerary of a 4-hour tour of Scottsdale. Scottsdale has a lot of wild west history and unique locations (but limited space for tour bus traffic), but very few are realistic to enjoy without getting off the bus. It was 115 degrees in August outside that day!!! The travelers mostly wanted to stay cool and get to their accommodations for the evening and relax). Don't make this kind of mistake. Allow us to put the trip in perspective from every angle!

We can provide local guides to join your choice of transportation and/or we can help with smaller group transportation internally. Many people would love to stop at the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, but the large commercial vehicles are not allowed there. We would be happy to meet your group and transport them in vehicles that are allowed.

We will help you plan multi-day trips for couples, family groups, or corporate getaways. Then we can help you execute the plan either with Zeus M Tours or by helping you book with the local operators that we know by name!!

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